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I See Grace

Quick facts about Micah Tyler


Born in Beaumont Texas in 1983, Micah began his recording career in 2013, leaving behind a mundane life and taking a chance at his dreams. Has his leap of faith paid off? You bet it has.




1 GMA Dove Award, 2 other GMA Dove Award nominations


Christian Pop


Buna, Texas, United States


3 studio albums, 2 extended plays, 8 singles

The Start of Life and Faith For Micah Tyler

Born to Christian parents Peter and Gaynell Beaumont in 1983, Micah was raised with his brother Daniel in Buna, Texas, attending church for Sunday services, learning about faith and God at the same time as he learnt about living in Texas as a young man.

Micah Tyler’s faith developed throughout his youth. As he listened to gospel music and any faith song he could get his hands on, his dream of creating the music he loved so much grew stronger by the day. Not believing it to be a realistic dream, he instead became a youth pastor at the age of eighteen once he graduated high school. This job was the perfect combination of his faith and his passion, and satisfied Micah for a number of years.

The Life Micah Didn't Wanna Hear Anymore

A youth pastor was not the only avenue Tyler followed in life, as he eventually decided to start up a sausage delivery business that would service the whole of Texas, and hopefully the whole world if he could manage it! Sadly, the sausage business was difficult to balance with his youth pastor duties and the business struggled to expand beyond its humble roots.

Tyler’s life had come to something of a standstill at this point. Sitting behind the sausage delivery truck wheel every other day, thinking about the reality of his life and listening to his favourite Christian musicians on the truck’s stereo system, Micah began to realise that maybe he wasn’t satisfied, maybe he didn’t want to hear other peoples music anymore. He decided it was time to start making his own.

With this new found determination and with the itch of ambition in his soul, Micah Tyler made the difficult decision to uproot his whole world and start anew. Micah sold half of what he owned, moved into a single-wide trailer with his wife and three children, and began travelling the country to perform the songs he had written over the years.

Putting a life of security and comfort behind them to pursue a career in the music industry was an incredible risk, and it was made even riskier by the fact that Micah had almost zero connection to the music industry or the Christian music scene at the time. However, this leap of faith made Micah’s success even more impressive, as he managed to battle the odds and prove himself as a great emerging talent in Christian music.

He didn’t get there by luck alone though, putting in the leg work during the beginning of his career by traveling 200 days per year, and taking any gig, ranging from performances at youth and college aged camps and conferences, to touring with other artists. Whilst touring, Micah began work on his first studio album, which was recorded and released in 2013, titled ‘The Story I Tell‘.

Following this debut release Tyler signed on with Salem Interactive Media, and independently released the EP ‘The Kitchen Sink‘ in 2014. It was under the management of this record company that he was given the funds to create the official music video for his song ‘You’ve Gotta Love Millennials‘. This release rocketed Micah Tyler’s popularity into the stratosphere, with the video receiving tens of millions of views on YouTube and Facebook within the first few weeks of its release.

Micah listened to gospel music and any faith songs he could get his hands on as he dreamed of one day creating the music he loved so much.

Micah Tyler: What I Wanna Gain In the Future

It was this viral music video that can be attributed to Micah’s status as an artist today, with his impact and understanding of his younger audiences immortalised in the video. It also gave Micah the platform to begin touring with big name artists such as MercyMe, David Crowder, Jeremy Camp, Phil Wickham and Big Daddy Weave, exposing his music to an even wider audience.

Now Micah sits on the precipice of becoming one of the biggest names in Christian music, with many eager to hear his upcoming releases. It is safe to say that life looks a lot different than it did ten years ago for Micah, and if he maintains the passion and drive that brought him to where he is now, Micah’s success will continue to soar well into the future.

Christian Pop Musician Micah Tyler singing onstage while pointing upwards - My Christian Musician
Image courtesy of: Micah Tyler’s Instagram

Micah Tyler looking sideways and a text above him that says " MICAH TYLER, NEW TODAY" - My Christian Musician

New Today

Cover art for Micah Tyler's album "DIFFERENT" - My Christian Musician


Painting of Micah Tyler playing guitar as a cover photo for his album "THE STORY I TELL" - My Christian Musician

The Story I Tell

Micah Tyler looking sideways as a cover art for his song Walking Free - My Christian Musician

Walking Free

Cover art for Micah Tyler's song "Even Then", from the album "Different" - My Christian Musician

Even Then

Cover art for Micah Tyler's song "DIFFERENT" - My Christian Musician


Light Blue Paint splattered on a gray canvas with a text overlay that says "NEVER BEEN A MOMENT" - MY Christian Musician

Never Been a Moment

Cover art for Micah Tyler's song "Beautiful", from the album "Different" - My Christian Musician


Photo of Micah Tyler looking sideways tinted with blue and an a text overlay that says "MICAH TYLER" - My Christian Musician

New Today

Micah Tyler smiling as a cover art for his song, "I See Grace" - My Christian Musician

I See Grace

Hand touching a red, heart-shaped wet paint on an asphalt ground as a cover art for Micah Tyler's song, "Feels Like Music" - My Christian Musician

Feels Like Music

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