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Good God Almighty

Quick facts about David Crowder


David Wallace Crowder, is an American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and author. He was the lead singer in the now defunct David Crowder Band, before he started his solo career in 2012 with the stage name of Crowder.


1996 - Present


Certified Gold Artist by the RIAA, winner of three GMA Dove awards from sixteen nominations.


Contemporary Christian Music / Modern Worship


Waco, Texas, United States of America


David Crowder has released four studio albums under his solo title, Crowder. One of these albums, his studio debut, achieved certified Gold status by the RIAA.

David Crowder

David Wallace Crowder, born in 1971 and known professionally by his stage name Crowder, is an American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and author, a true all-rounder in the entertainment world. He was the lead singer in the now defunct David Crowder Band, before he started his solo career in 2012 on sixstepsrecords and Sparrow Records labels.

David's Start with Church Music

David Crowder was born in Texarkana, Texas, the son of Daniel Wallace Crowder and Marian Elizabeth Crowder. David and his younger brother Stephen grew up in their home town, where they attended church and learnt about Christianity through their parents and the local community.

After graduating high school, David moved onto Baylor University in Waco, Texas, to further his education. It was here Crowder came to the realisation that, despite being a Christian university, over half the students studying there did not attend church services. Disappointed by this, Crowder decided it was time to make a change.

David Crowder and his friend Chris Seay came together and formed the idea of creating their very own church to encourage more students to actively participate in the Christian faith. From their shared passion, the University Baptist Church of Waco was born in 1995.

Crowder became pastor of worship at the church, leading worship and running the church throughout the year. He began to actively recruit students for worship services and started writing songs to draw more young people in. Word quickly spread, and the church’s congregation grew and grew.

Little did David know, as he wrote more songs and recruited more young Christians to his church, he was inadvertently creating the foundations for a career in Christian music. With encouragement from his churchgoers, David began to focus on his music, collaborating with his church band to create an album. This recording would eventually become the David Crowder Band’s debut release, 2002’s Can You Hear Us.

The Beginning for the David Crowder Band

The album was released under the name the David Crowder Band, with Crowder joined by guitarists Jack Parker and Jason Solley, drummer Jeremy Bush, bassist Mike Dodson and electric violinist Mike Hogan. The album was a massive hit with the local Christian music fraternity so the band quickly went to work producing more music.

Their sophomore effort, Illuminate, appeared in the fall of 2003 and was followed a year later by The Lime CD, which comprised two earlier live releases (The Green CD and The Yellow CD). These live recordings had been given out to fans who had either pre-ordered prior albums or attended various CD release parties.

With their September 2005 release, A Collision or (3+4=7), the David Crowder Band showed how they were a band of true musical diversity. The album houses a mix of bluegrass, folk, alternative and worship, all woven together with a touch of electronic ambience. This release landed them the No. 2 spot on the iTunes Music Store and the No. 39 spot on Billboard 200 only two days after its release. For the band, this was their first real taste of mainstream musical fame.

Following on from this success, the band officially started recording Remedy in 2007. During the sessions they launched an album website, which allowed fans to follow the band via live webcams and discover more about the album.

Remedy was released on September 25, 2007 and the day after its release it reached No. 4 on the iTunes Music Store. The band began touring this album throughout the United States and live streamed the tour through their album’s website. This initiative was loved by their fans who got a glimpse into the day to day life of their favourite musicians.

Following Remedy, Crowder’s social media accounts revealed that preproduction of the band’s next studio album was to begin in early 2009. The album was titled Church Music and was released on September 22, 2009, followed by Give Us Rest or (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]) on February 5, 2011.

After this album was released the band announced through their website that the David Crowder Band was coming to an end after the completion of the Fall 2011 “The 7 Tour” and the release of their sixth album. The band played their final show at the Passion 2012 Conference on January 3, 2012 at the Georgia Dome.

Contemporary Christian Musician David Crowder performing live - My Christian Musician
Image courtesy of: David Crowder’s Facebook Page

Crowder Goes Solo

Despite being the end for the David Crowder Band, David himself was not done making music in the Christian music space. As such, he said goodbye to his band mates and moved forward on his own under a new stage name, ‘Crowder’.

After several years of production and fine-tuning, Crowder released his debut solo studio album on May 27, 2014, Neon Steeple. The album was a major success for Crowder, topping the Christian chart and reaching number nine on the Billboard Top 200. One of the standout songs of the album “Come as You Are”, garnered David a Grammy nomination.

His second solo album, American Prodigal, was released September 23, 2016 and his third, I Know a Ghost, was released on November 9, 2018. Both of these albums were received positively by his audience and critics alike. While not reaching the commercial heights of his solo debut, they still marked a significant progression in the career of David Crowder.

What's Next For David Crowder

In Autumn 2021 – Spring 2022, Crowder toured in the USA and addressed his comeback publicly. David proudly announced “the David Crowder Band is done, but fortunately, I am still David Crowder and David Crowder found out that he has to make music to stay alive.”

If this comment is anything to go by, it is clear that David Crowder will be continuing to put out music for the Christian music audience for many years to come. Considering the success of his solo debut and the level of artistry displayed in his previous band, it is undeniable that the future looks bright for David Crowder.

Glowing lightbulb and a text on the left that says "illuminate, DAVID CROWDER BAND" - My Christian Musician


Milk and Honey text engraved on a golden ring at the center, and David Crowder's logo at the bottom right corner - My Christian Musician

Milk & Honey

White wolf in the center of a yellow background as a cover art for David Crowder's album, Neon Porch Extravaganza - My Christian Musician

Neon Porch Extravaganza

"Good God Almighty" text and David Crowder's logo on white background - My Christian Musician

Good God Almighty

Pink flower and a white text "all i can say" on a blue background as a cover art for David Crowder's song, All I Can Say - My Christian Musician

All I Can Say

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Ain't No Grace

"in the House" text on a white background and David Crowder's logo at the bottom right corner - My Christian Musician

In The House

"CROWDER, NIGHT LIKE THIS" on a yellow background, white a moon in the center - My Christian Musician

Night Like This

Glowing lightbulb and a text on the left that says "illuminate, DAVID CROWDER BAND" - My Christian Musician

No One Like You

David Crowder Band logo and a text "Church Music" - My Christian Musician

Oh Happiness

David Crowder standing, and a text above that says "CROWDER RED LETTERS, SOUTHERN-STYLE EDIT - My Christian Musician

Red Letters

A smiley face and a text displaying "DAVID CROWDER BAND, Summer Happiness" - My Christian Musician

Summer Happiness

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