Christian Pop Musicians gain popularity in a secular music world

What is Christian Pop Music

Christian pop artists combine pop music with Christian themes. Although pop music is incredibly similar to contemporary Christian music in many ways, the two genres are not the same.

While contemporary Christian music transforms old Christian hymns and gospel songs into a more modern style, Christian pop music is new music usually written by Christian pop musicians, that follows Christian themes.  

Interestingly, Christian pop artists mix many different genres. One of the main linking factors between pop and Christian music is that pop music was actually inspired by the use of vocal harmonies found from traditional gospel musicians‘ songs. 

Today, Christian pop artists play music that can be heard at festivals, on radio stations and on music streaming services.  

The History of Christian Pop Music

Pop music is the abbreviated version of ‘popular music.

Although ‘popular’ music and ‘pop’ music have been used interchangeably, they are not the same.

‘Popular’ music is all music that is popular in mass culture and usually considers many different genres and styles. 

The term ‘pop song’ was first used in 1926 and meant that a song had ‘popular appeal’, however, pop music as a genre only fully developed into its own style during the mid-1950s.  

Christian Pop Artists

Up until the 60s, ‘pop’ and ‘rock’ music were interchangeable terms.

This, however, is no longer the case and the two now refer to completely different genresIt was around 1967 when pop music became distinctly different from rock music.

Where rock music strived to be authentic, christian pop artists were striving to become more available and their music was generally wellliked by most people.   

In the 80’s, TV channels such as MTV started promoting pop music.

Artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna were given the titles of being the ‘King and Queen of Pop’, respectively; both artists had a strong visual appeal as well as good music. 

However, neither of these were considered Christian pop artists, in fact quite the opposite. 

JB Christian Musician

Popular Christian Pop Musicians and Bands

In the specific genre of Christian pop music, some of the most popular Christian pop musicians and bands include Matthew West, Casting Crowns, for KING & COUNTRY, Lauren Daigle, Chris Tomlin, Jars of Clay, Hillsong UNITED, and the Newsboys.  

Award winning Christian musician Lauren Daigle’s music has wide appeal and is incredibly popular with both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Arguably one of her best songs, ‘You Say’, is much beloved by both. 

The wide appeal of this song in what is a generally secular society is curious; the lyrics of the song offer a ‘soft’ Christian message that recognised universally as an incredibly powerful message for those who do believe in God, as well as those who do not 

Popular Christian Pop Songs

Some of the best Christian pop songs are: 

‘You Say’ and ‘Rescue’ by Lauren Daigle, ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)’ by Hillsong UNITED, ‘The God Who Stays’ by Matthew West, ‘Almost Home’ by Mercy Me, ‘Till I Found You’ by Phil Wickham, and ‘Praise You In This Storm’ by Casting Crowns. 

Christian pop musicians, with their wide audience appeal are particularly popular with the youth of many Christian communities the world over. 

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Christian pop artist Toby Mac

How is Christian Pop Music Received

Christian pop artist have christian music incredibly popular and are heard by listeners all over the world.

Both Christians and non-Christians are fans of the genre

In fact, many non-Christians are surprised to hear that some of their favourite songs have Christian lyrics and messages.   

There remains a good deal of stigma around Christian music as many non-Christians believe it to be cliché, repetitive and that all music from the genre sounds the same.

So, when told that some of the pop songs they listen to are Christian pop songs, non-Christians can’t help but be surprised.

Christian pop music and Christian music, in general, can make people emotional due to the genre’s soulful lyrics; it’s no wonder that in times of emotional need, many turn on an album from their favourite Christian musician to soothe their soul

Pop music, as a genre, is not solely about God so, some churches initially had issues with the genre being included in the Christian line up.

Some Christians believe that Christian music should only include genres that are reminiscent of gospel music, which, by its very nature, Christian music created for the sole purpose of praising God in a beautiful way.

However, as time went on, and praise music began to gain popularity, churches began to accept Christian pop music, especially because it drew in a younger audience of Christians, without whom, churches cannot survive.

Christian pop musicians are now numerous, and their hits can be heard all over the world, in many languages.

Christian pop artist are arguably the most popular Christian musicians.