Christian Electronic Dance Musicians – a new take on Christian Music?

What is Christian EDM ?

Christian EDM musicians, perform electronic dance musictechno, house or rave music, and is a genre that combines Christian music with electronic dance music.

This style of music can usually be heard at large live events, festivals, some churches, or on specific internet radio stations such as ‘Radio U Fusion: EDM’‘GLOW and URLive 

Christian EDM is not entirely different to mainstream EDM in that both styles use electronic instruments and share a similar dance-friendly beat.

The main difference between Christian and mainstream EDM is in the tracks that contain lyrics.

Though not all EDM tracks will have lyrics in them, the Christian EDM lyrics vocalise Christian messages such as God’s love and grace or are remixes of popular Christian songs, like for King and Country’s ‘God Only Knows’. 

Mainstream EDM tracks with lyrics ill at times will refer to more controversial issues such as drug use and other themes that do not align with Christian values. EDM Musician often use lyrics as inspiration for other Christian Pop Musicians.

This calls into question the legitimacy of Christian EDM musicians and the genre itself by some vocal Christian influencers. 

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History Behind Christian EDM?

EDM became popular in the late 70’s due to the rise of disco music and has evolved significantly since then. The increased use of synthesised beats and rhythms in disco music, to get people dancing is what led to the creation of EDM.  

In the 80’s, disco music fell out of fashion as a genre of more synthetic music gained popularity; this is known as the post-disco era.

During this time, technological advancement meant that electronic instruments such as synthesisers, drum machines and samplers were more authentically integrated into music tracks with relative ease. 

This new technology allowed the genre to grow quickly because it made the process of making EDM significantly easier for the average person.  

Capital kings Christian EDM Musicians live

In the 90’s, different subgenres of EDM such as dub, house, rave, techno and trance were developed, causing the EDM genre as a whole to become more mainstream.

As of the 2000’s EDM can be found in many popular artists music, such as The Chainsmokers, Katy Perry and Skrillex and a whole new subgenre has emerged with the rise of the Christian EDM musician 

Christian EDM musician

Popular Christian EDM Musicians and Bands

There are many Christian EDM musicians and bands in current mainstream music, each with their own individual style.

Some of the more popular EDM artists include: Mathew Parker, Built by Titan, Hillsong Young & Free, Marshall Marshall, Andy Hunter and Urban Rescue. Artists such as Owl City and Kye Kye have more of a pop music sound and incorporate EDM into their music.

The band, Capital Kings, have a music style that is a blend of electronic hip hop and pop music but they are still generally classed as Christian EDM musicians  

Popular Christian EDM Songs

Some of the most popular, recent Christian EDM musicians songs include: ‘Down in Flames’ by Matthew Parker‘Into Your Arms’ and ‘I Feels So Alive’ by Capital Kings, ‘When the Present Meets the Past’ by Of Space & Time, ‘Always There for Me’ and ‘Hope Is All I Need’ by Marshall Marshall‘Set the World on Fire’ by Britt Nicole, and ‘Born To Bring The Light’ by Cameron James.  

EDM Christian Musician Live show

How Christian EDM is Received

Christian EDM music is not the most popular genre that Christians to listen to, and this can be traced back to variety of reasons. 

EDM has received a variety of negative labels over the course of its history, some Christians believing it to be “the devil’s music because of its loud, trance-imbuing nature

There are many others, however, who simply find that there is no significant difference between regular EDM and Christian EDM because the genre generally doesn’t have lyrics 

However, there are also people who enjoy the genre for its rhythms that are both fun and easy to dance to.

The EDM genre’s ability to contain a lot of subtle complexities behind the music and its ability to share a story without the use of lyrics is appealing to some audiences. A lot of people also simply enjoy the general abstractness of EDM.   

Many Christian EDM musicians choose not to label their music as being ‘Christian’ because the songs they make share stories through the music, not the vocals, giving no distinguishable difference between Christian and mainstream EDM tracks.

Despite the amount of negativity towards the Christian EDM and the Christian EDM musicianwho make it, it remains a popular genre of Christian music in certain sub-cultures. 

Whatever your view of Christian EDM music and musicians, there are those who believe that God reaches out to people in the place where they’re at, and if that happens to be through electronic dance music, then who are we to say that is right or wrong.

Despite their best intentions, Christian EDM musicians are largely misunderstood except by the few who connect with the intended Christian message of the music.