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Big Daddy Weave - "Redeemed"

Quick facts about Big Daddy Weave


Big Daddy Weave is a contemporary Christian and rock band from America. The band’s current members include Mike Weaker (lead vocals, guitar), Joe Shirk (keyboards, saxophones, backing vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar, backing vocals), Brian Beihl (drums).




1 GMA Dove Award and 2 GMA Dove Award nomination, 2 K-Love Fan Awards and 2 K-Love Fan Award nominations. Honoured 2 years in a row at ASCAPs Christian Music Awards.


Contemporary Christian music, rock


Mobile, Alabama, U.S.


9 studio albums, 1 compilation album, 1 Christmas album, 30 singles

An Overview of the Band

Big Daddy Weave is a modern band of Christian musicians who originate from Mobile in Alabama. The group consists of members Mike Weaver, Jay Weaver, Joe Shirk, Jeremy Redmon, and Brian Beihl. The contemporary Christian band were signed to Fervent Records in 2002. They came together when the band members all were enrolled at the University of Mobile. Front man Mike Weaver was working in the position of worship leader for a church in Pensacola. At the time he also belonged to a community college near to there. At the recommendation of his pastor at the time, Weaver transferred to UM and enrolled in music focusing on voice. One of the most significant moments in the band’s history was being able to tour with Mark Schultz when he invited them on the “Broken and Beautiful” Tour in 2006 and 2007. A few years later in 2009, the band headlined their “What Life Would Be Like” Tour accompanied by opening act Josh Wilson. In the middle of 2019, front man Mike Weaver revealed the release date for his autobiography titled I Am Redeemed, which was to be released on September 3, 2019.

Early Days

Going back to the boys’ college days, Mike Weaver reflects on how Big Daddy Weave ended up becoming a band. He says, “We were at the University of Mobile – a little Baptist school in Alabama – we were leading worship on campus together and literally we just never stopped.” After 17 years of being a band, Weaver stopped for a second and considered the option of getting a ‘real job’ (whatever that looks like), but in the end realised that there was something special and significant about the fact they’d been a band for that long and resolved that they would continue to do what God had called them to do until He decides it’s time to stop.


“Big Daddy Weave came together when the band members all were enrolled at the University of Mobile.”

What’s with the Name?

Lots of people wonder about the name Big Daddy Weave and how they came up with it. The name of the band does not carry any significant theological meaning, nor does it stand for anything. The name derived simply from some of the nicknames Weaver was given by friends and family. Weaver was from Alabama where his nickname was ‘Big Daddy’ due to him being a large presence, which led him to title the band Big Daddy Weave. It combined his nickname and a shortened version of his last name Weaver. According to Weaver,
“It’s so, so stupid and that has been the most asked question. Basically, if you’re my size in the South, then you are instantly nicknamed big daddy. It’s not like I give permission for people to call me that, they just do. And then of course my last name is Weaver. So, the first time we got together to play, somebody asked us to play at an event. We were all joking around because we had only been together briefly, and they asked what name should be put on the flyer. So, be careful what you name your group because you never know where God’s going to take your dream.”

Musicians or Ministers?

Big Daddy Weave consists of a bunch of “ordinary guys” with what they consider to be an extraordinary task. They describe one of the best parts about what they do as meeting so many different people with different circumstances and being able to minister to them through the music they create. For the band members, their collection of songs is simply a collection of anthems with one focus – King Jesus. Everything they do flows first and foremost from a deep love of and trust in Jesus Christ. Big Daddy Weave’s seventh release, Beautiful Offerings, communicates this in that, “Every one of us is beautiful because of what God has deposited in us. Our lives are an opportunity to literally be used for the Kingdom,” in the words of Mike Weaver. This release was a follow up to the album Love Come to Life (2012) with track inclusions such as “Overwhelmed” and “Redeemed.” There is also a widely popular song titled The Only Name (Yours Will Be), which is a track that the band describes in these words,
“He’s given us authority in His name. He’s given us healing and redemption in His name. Our identity is wrapped up in the name of Jesus. As children of God, we are living for the glory of someone else, the Son of the living God. Jesus is the only name that matters.”

Winning Awards and Gathering Fans

Big Daddy Weave celebrated winning their very first “Song of the Year” award with their beloved track “Redeemed”, during the 2013 K-LOVE Fan Awards. The following year the band was nominated again in the same category except this time with their hit The Only Name (Yours Will Be). Balancing the studio and the stage non-stop for the past 10 years or so, the band has gathered a committed and adoring fan-base. Some of the fan’s favourite songs include “Audience of One”, “Every Time I Breathe”, “Fields of Grace”, “In Christ”, “Without You” and “What Life Would Be Like.” This resulted in the group releasing a compilation album consisting of band and fan favourites called Ultimate Collection which came out in the fall of 2011.

Recent Hardship

In recent years, the band went through a rough time with front man Mike Weaver reflecting on the experience. Mike’s little brother Jay, who also plays bass and sings in Big Daddy Weave, was battling a significant infection causing him to need both of his feet amputated in order to prevent the spread of the disease to the rest of his body.
What’s Next?
Whether they expected it or not, Big Daddy Weave have had a wild ride, following where God’s leading them and if it’s what God wills, it isn’t likely to stop any time soon. They’ve endured heartbreak together, they’ve climbed mountains together, they’ve celebrated wins together and adoring fans wait excitedly to see what’s next.

Big Daddy Weave Contemporary Christian Band When The Light Comes

Big Daddy Weave Contemporary Christian Band Beautiful Offerings

Big Daddy Weave Contemporary Christian Band Love Come to Life

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave Redeemed

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave The Only Name (Yours Will Be)

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave Overwhelmed

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave The Lion and The Lamb

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave My Story

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave You’re Worthy Of My Praise

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave Every Time I Breathe

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave Jesus I Believe

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave Just The Way I am

Christian Music Big Daddy Weave Fields of Grace

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