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I Need A Miracle

Quick facts about Third Day


 Third Day, a Christian Rock band formed in Marietta, Georgia, hit the Christian radio airwaves in 1991. The band's career began with lead Singer, Mac Powell, and guitarist, Mark Lee, founding the band in high school. Third Day sold over 7 million albums and won multiple awards throughout their career until they disbanded in 2018.




4 Grammy Awards, 25 Dove Awards, 7 million US Album sales, 28 Number 1 Christian album radio hits, and induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame 


Contemporary Worship Music, Christian Rock


Marietta, Georgia, US


3 Independent Albums, 13 Studio Albums, 3 Live Albums, 2 Compilation Albums and 1 Holiday Album


After meeting in high school, Mac Powell and Mark Lee came together to form Third Day as a Christian music group with pianist Billy Wilkins and guitarist August McCoy. This early iteration of the band performed together until 1992 when they met drummer David Carr and Tai Anderson, who were opening at a concert for the Hollydale Methodist Church in Powder Springs. This meeting led to Anderson and Carr joining the band, a partnership which led to the new ensemble beginning to record demo tapes with local producers.   

In an effort to save money for a full album recording session, the band started to play more frequently in the Atlanta region in 1993, where they gained a large local following. With a new line-up and having parted with their pianist Wilkins, the band began recording at Furies Studios in Atlanta and by 1994 had their debut worship album Long Time Forgotten ready for release.  

Selling 2000 copies, Third Day became a small-time success and began refining their sound for their second album. After raising $3000 and recruiting a second guitarist, Brad Avery, the band was ready to enter the recording studio at Furies yet again, producing their second worship album Contagious in 1994. 

 Despite only selling 1000 CD and cassette copies of the demo, this album was pivotal to the band’s success. After playing a standout show featuring songs from their new album at the Strand Theatre in their hometown of Marietta, Georgia, the owners of the venue offered the band a record contract with the new independent label Gray Dot Records.   

The band accepted the offer and from it came their third release. An official, self-titled, debut album which was a massive success, selling 20,000 copies and announcing the band to the music industry with a bang. Reunion Records, recognizing talent when they saw it, bought out the band’s Gray Dot contract, and signed them to a multi-album deal, the dream of any musician.


With their new record deal under Reunion Records, Third Day reached a whole new level of success, selling 300,000 copies of the, now official, version of the Third Day album. This overwhelming reaction to the band’s music wasn’t just confined to their fans, as the album was widely well received by critics. In fact, the album was such a success that it marked a new chapter for the band, bringing them their first mainstream rock radio hit in the United States with their song, “Nothing at All” peaking at No.35 on the Billboard rock charts in 1995.   

This outstanding success led the band to meeting with Grammy Award nominees Newsboys, the winners of that year’s Dove Award for ‘Rock Album of the Year’. This meeting eventually materialized into a partnership in which Third Day opened for Newsboys at five West Coast shows.   

After this initial taste of Third Day’s live sound audiences wanted more, so the band decided to launch their very own 65-city tour with fellow bands All Star United and Seven Day Jesus.  

Following in the footsteps of their peers, Third Day was nominated for a Dove Award in 1996 as “New Artist of the Year”, along with winning a Billboard Music Award for ‘Best Christian Video’.  

The video that won them the award was shot on location in Bombay Beach California, where they encountered Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain. This experience eventually inspired the album artwork for Revelation, an album which features later in the band’s discography.  

In 1997, Third Day entered the recording studio yet again to create a new album, employing the help of producer Sam Taylor, who had previously worked with King’s X and numerous other big names in Contemporary Christian Rock. With Taylor’s help, the band released their second official worship album, titled Conspiracy No. 5.  

This album was a great success both commercially and critically, earning the band a Dove Award for ‘Rock Song of the Year’ and a Dove Award for ‘Rock Album of the Year’, alongside a Grammy Award nomination for ‘Best Gospel Rock Album of the Year’.   

Following these incredible achievements, the band toured the United States opening for Newsboys and headlining their own, increasingly popular shows.  

“Following in the footsteps of their peers, Third Day was nominated for a Dove Award in 1996 as ‘New Artist of the Year’, along with winning a Billboard Music Award for ‘Best Christian Video’.”



Releasing another successful album, Time, in 1998 the band had established itself as a significant player in the world of Christian Rock and Worship Rock. This was only reinforced with their subsequent release, Offerings, their first album comprised solely of worship songs.   

The band toured with this album in 2000 alongside Jennifer Knapp, a collaboration which brought them to their next album, City on a Hill, where they recorded with FFH, Caedmon’s Call, Peter Furler of Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Jason Hoard, and others. With such a significant level of national success, the band decided to spread their reach and announced a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2001.   

This tour was the catalyst for Third Day to release their first concert DVD, The Offerings Experience, allowing the bands’ live sound to reach an even wider audience. 2001 was also marked by a significant achievement in their career, with their first Grammy win, which was quickly followed with a second Grammy win for their newly released album Come Together. This album was certified gold the next year, alongside their previous album Time.  

Third Day’s unprecedented streak of success continued for the next few years, with the band releasing their seventh album, Wire, and touring the United States and Europe. The band also played on the soundtrack for Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, at the Republican National Convention, and appeared on the Australian television program, 60 Minutes. This period of success was capped off with the release of their next album, Wherever You Are, which debuted at No.8 on the Billboard top 200 and won Third Day their third Grammy Award.

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Image Courtesy of: Third Day’s Facebook Page

Farewell Tour

In 2015, after numerous years of awards and praise, the band’s bassist Tai Anderson announced he would take “a break from the upcoming touring season with Third Day“. This marked his 23rd year with the band and was a signal to their fans that Third Day’s career could be coming to a close with a final tour.  

This suspicion became a reality in 2018 when Third Day announced their farewell tour as the last chance to see them live before they retired and moved onto new horizons. These concerts were incredibly well received and the farewell tour eventually expanded to 20 concerts, giving countless fans a chance to see the final performances from these titans of Christian Rock.  

As of 2021, the band officially parted ways and moved onto various endeavors, their farewell tour marking the final time they would play as an ensemble. Some members, namely guitarist Mark Lee and Mac Powell, have moved onto new projects, with Mac Powell now helming the ensemble Mac Powell and the Family.   

As a Christian Rock Band, it is undeniable that Third Day has had an incredible impact on rock, gospel music, country music, and worship song in the Christian community, both in the United States and worldwide. No one knows what the future has in store for these musicians, but with the talent they possess it is undeniable that it will be worth listening out for.  

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Wherever You Are

Third Day's Mac Powell singing Soul On Fire during an acoustic session - My Christian Musician

Soul on Fire

Third Day, Christian Rock Band, album cover Offerings II: All I Have to Give - My Christian Musician

God of Wonders

Words "Third Day" and "Lift Up Your Face" on red and green background - album cover of Lift Up Your Face by Third Day, Christian Rock Band - My Christian Musician

Lift Up Your Face

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Love Song

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Praise Song

Third Day, Christian Worship Band, performing their song Revelation live - My Christian Musician


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Sing a Song

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You Are Beautiful My Sweet, Sweet Song

Christian Worship Band, Third Day's vocalist singing Your Love Oh Lord - My Christian Musician

Your Love Oh Lord

Children in choir with Third Day, Contemporary Christian Band, singing Children of God

Children of God

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