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Jordan Feliz sitting on a black leather chair placed on a pile of skateboards, umbrella, shoes, cases, helmet, bike, musical instruments and equipments, and lots of paper bills scattered on the floor a contrast of black and white colors - My Christian Musician
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Stained Glass

Quick facts about Jordan Feliz


Jordan Feliz is one of the Christian music industry's most promising up and coming artists. He combines the classic guitar styles of folk rock and soul with the lyricism of gospel and praise music, to create a unique style that is growing increasingly popular with Christian music fans.




One GMA Dove Award and 2 other GMA Dove Award nominations


Christian Rock/ Christian Folk


Nashville, Tennessee, United States


4 studio albums,12 singles

Jordan Feliz's Relationship with Faith and Music

Jordan Feliz was raised in the 90’s by Edward and Jennie Feliz in Clovis, California. Jordan spent his youth attending church every week with his parents, learning about God and exploring his faith as he grew into a young man.

Developing simultaneously alongside his love for God was Jordan’s love for music. Jordan was influenced by folk rock legends like Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Roger McGuinn, listening to them in his spare time and eventually taking up a guitar to try and play some of his favourites. This led to Jordan falling in love with performing music, eventually writing his own songs to perform for his friends and family.

With the internet gaining popularity, Jordan Feliz began releasing homemade videos of his performances on the website Myspace, mainly to share with his high school friends. Little did Jordan know, his decision to release videos of him playing his own music would inadvertently lead to his talent being discovered by fellow Christian musicians, catapulting him into the music industry.

Before his graduation form Buchanan High School in 2007, Jordan Feliz was contacted by members of the Christian music band A Current Affair through his Myspace page. The band began a relationship with Jordan that would eventually lead to him being recruited as their lead singer.

It was this promising new direction that Jordan embraced after graduation from high school. He would write, record and tour with A Current Affair, whilst also working as a valet when he could in order to earn a stable living. Balancing these two lives, one of practicality and one of vision would be difficult for any young person just out of high school, but Jordan also managed to maintain a relationship with his high school sweetheart on top of this, eventually marrying her later in his life.

Jordan Feliz Goes Solo, Signing onto Centricity Music

Unfortunately for Jordan, his role with A Current Affair was not meant to be the platform that would lead him to success as the band broke up five years later. When Jordan Feliz announced his solo career in 2015, a significant amount of time had past since the band’s breakup.

After reconnecting with a variety of his old contacts within the music industry, Jordan signed up to produce his albums under the Centricity Music record label, working alongside talent like Jeff Roberts, and using the label’s services to create his first ever solo studio album.

Jordan Feliz released his debut studio album in 2015, titled ‘Beloved‘ under the Centricity label, a new chapter for his career and musical style. The new Jordan Feliz sound was tailored to appeal to his fans from A Current Affair and also showed how his style had continued to develop into a soul rock style to deliver his message about faith and Jesus.

This debut album was received very positively by both critics and fans alike, with the song ‘The River‘ charting on three Billboard charts, and receiving nominations for numerous awards. The official music video for this song also received millions of views, and was seen all over the world. This exposure spread Jordan’s message, that Jesus is coming back, to a whole new range of listeners.

What's Next for Jordan Feliz?

With meaningful lyrics and a well developed musical style, it was no surprise that Jordan’s next three records, released in 2016, 2018 and 2020 under Centricity were successful. These albums developed his musical style further and significantly grew his popularity in the Christian music scene, whilst also garnering critical acclaim. With all three albums charting on numerous Billboard music charts, Jordan’s rise to fame was now well established.

With a style unlike any other artist in the scene, Jordan is already celebrated as a significant performer in the Christian music industry, with many songs that will one day sit comfortably in the Christian Music Hall of Fame. If the success of his current records are any indication, it will be hard to measure just how popular Jordan Feliz will become in the future, as Christian music fans eagerly await his next release, curious to see what will be the next chapter for Jordan Feliz.

Jordan Feliz performing live at Denver - My Christian Musician
Image courtesy of: Jordan Feliz Facebook Page

Jordan Feliz's portrait as a cover art for his song "The River" - My Christian Musician

The River

Jordan Feliz wearing a checkered clothing and a hat while standing near a wall, cover art for his song "Next To Me" - My Christian Musician

Next To Me

Portrait of Jordan Feliz wearing a hat and a gray jacket, cover art for his song "Dancing Through The Fire" - My Christian Musician

Dancing Through The Fire

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