Best of Acoustic Christian Songs 2020

2020 has seen a resurgence of acoustic Christian songs. There are still plenty of examples of the big sound in contemporary Christian music but worship leaders in smaller churches are thankful for the attention that acoustic Christian music is getting at the moment.

The reality for lots of Christian musicians and worship teams is that not every church has access to the resources or number of musicians needed to play the clean-cut, studio versions of the most popular worship songs that you hear on the radio.

Acoustic christian musicians jammingWith big percussion, production, and electronic synths and keyboards playing such a big part in modern worship music, it makes it hard for solo musicians to live up to the hype of hit worship tracks.

Utilizing acoustic Christian songs can help you not only worship well, but create an authentic worship culture too. I say this because with the Americanization of worship culture, many people looking for church community will avoid or be deterred from worshipping at churches without a big band on the stage.

This is a very unfortunate side-effect of the megachurch movement that’s been popularized and normalized as ‘all church’.

The God who created the universe is also the God who whispers and comes near. He can move in massive worship gatherings just as much as he can act in small, honest expressions of worship.

Best Acoustic Christian Songs of 2020What are Some Good Examples of Acoustic Christian Music?

Theological views aside, acoustic Christian music can add an intimate flavor to your worship set, even if you are equipped with a full band, and should be an integral part of anyone’s worship arsenal. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for high quality acoustic Christian songs in 2020.

Whether the song was created to be played acoustically, or the original artist has produced an acoustic version of a more complex song, here is my list of the top acoustic Christian songs to listen to and to lead in worship in our modern world.



Heart of Worship was born out of a daring call made by a pastor longing for simplicity. Matt Redman was the worship leader of a significant church movement when one day, the pastor decided to strip everything down.

He was afraid that because of the size of the church, they were starting to lose sight of what really matters in worship. Out of this desire, Redman’s song was created and still to this day it humbles the worshipper to come back to the only thing that matters, which is sitting at the feet of Lord Jesus and worshipping. As far as acoustic Christian songs go, this one is hard to beat.


Although this song was originally written and produced as a complex, upbeat anthem, the theme of the lyrics and the simplicity of the melody lends itself to being played acoustic. The core message of the song is a stripping down to basics, which is why there can be power in playing it as an acoustic Christian song. There is the potential for this song to be a part of a special worship moment or a collective of acoustic Christian music.


This song, originally written by Stuart Townsend, has been around the Christian acoustic music scene for a while now. It has affected the hearts of many worshippers at conferences and worship gatherings around the world. In Lauren Daigle’s take on the classic, she slows the tempo and strips down the instrumentation to deliver a simple yet spiritually impacting rendition.

“Utilizing acoustic Christian songs can help you not only worship well but create an authentic worship culture too.”


Will Reagan, and by extension United Pursuit, are known for their relaxed vibe which creates authentic worship moments. On the forefront of Christian acoustic music, Will Reagan offers so many songs which are perfect when played acoustic. Nothing I Hold Onto is a meaningful song of surrendering your heart to Jesus.


This song is a simple, beautiful welcome into worship. For me, I use it as the song which creates space for the congregation to settle their hearts and focus on God.

Sometimes with the busyness and hustle of modern life, people come into worship with a hurricane of thoughts and emotions flying around their bodies and so an acoustic Christian song like this one can help people be still and know that ‘I am’ is God.


Housefires are known for their simplistic, honest worship songs which break down what it means to be completely in the moment of worship.

Their worship style and lyrical themes are nothing groundbreaking but it’s their authentic honesty that draws people to their music. That’s why their songs blend so well with the acoustic timbre. By singing authentically and with zealous emotion, you can create a worship moment with an acoustic Christian song just like you could with a full band.


Another Housefires hit that lends itself to being played as an acoustic Christian song, Good Good Father, tells the story of a wandering heart searching for something to fill its lack. Yet, what it comes back to again and again is God’s character as a good father. It is a reminder that we are creature and not creator, and that our creator knows how to take good care of us.

The Top Acoustic Christian Songs 20208. CAPTAIN – HILLSONG UNITED

This song has been a favorite in my congregation for a couple years now and is a constant reminder to return to true north. It takes the person who has tried to control life on their own terms and invites them to surrender that way of chasing life to the authority of Jesus.

The melody and lyrics are so beautiful it would almost dishonor the song by adding full instrumentation. An acoustic guitar or piano part is all that’s needed. For a wonderful example of how this can be done, listen to the Of Dirt and Grace version which was recorded during Hillsong United’s tour of Israel.

Whatever your congregational situation, acoustic Christian songs have a place. The beauty and simplicity of acoustic Christian music lends an authentic worship experience to a congregation of 5 or 5000.