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Quick facts about Tenth Avenue North


Tenth Avenue North is a contemporary Christian music band from America. The band was active until 2021 and have since broken up to spend more time with their families and pursue other careers.




3 GMA Dove Awards and 5 other GMA Dove Award nominations, 2 Gold RIAA Single Certifications, 1 Gold RIAA Album Certification, 1 Platinum RIAA certification


Contemporary Christian music, Christian rock, power pop, pop-rock, acoustic rock, and indie rock.


West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.


8 studio albums, 1 live album, 3 EPs, 22 singles

Tenth Avenue North - Early Days of the Band

Tenth Avenue North was founded by Mike Donehey (vocals) and Jason Jamison (drums), with Bryan Homan as their bassist while they were attending Palm Beach Atlantic University together. The band’s name was meant to be temporary and came from a road in Palm Beach County; however, they never ended up changing it.  

Between 2002 and 2006, the band released 3 independent albums and an EP before being discovered by the producers Jason Ingram and Phillip LaRue. At this point, the band members consisted of Mike and Jason, who were joined by Jeff Owen (guitar) and Scott Sanders (bass). In 2008, Tenth Avenue North released their debut studio album, ‘Over and Underneath’ with Reunion Records. The band went on tour, and they achieved several early successes that included charting well on several Christian music charts.  

Tenth Avenue North's Career as a Christian Band

After the release of their first studio album, the band steadily grew in popularity. Towards the end of 2008, they released the single “By Your Side” which reached No. 1 on Christian contemporary hit radio and held that position for several weeks. It also won the band their first GMA Dove Award for Song of the Year in 2010.

In 2009, Sanders was replaced by Ruben Juarez III on bass and the band was joined by Brendon Shirley (keys). This line-up was considered the height of Tenth Avenue North’s career and did not change much. In 2010, the band released their second major album, ‘The Light Meets the Dark.’ The following year, they also released a live album that contained concert footage, video journals, and live recordings of some of the band’s major hits.  

However, in 2012 Tenth Avenue North released what would become their most commercially successful album titled, “The Struggle” with its lead single, “Losing.” The album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Rock and Christian albums chart, as well as peaking at No. 9 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. Through the album, the band wanted to convey the message that it was okay for Christians to struggle and fail because Christ’s grace will heal and forgive them. They felt that it was an important message that kept coming up in their discussions and they eventually created an album stemming from this idea.  

The Christian rock band continued to release albums including 2014’s “Cathedrals”, 2016’s “Followers”, and 2017’s “Decade the Halls, Vol. 1″. Around this time, Jamison and Shirley parted ways from the band in order to pursue individual interests. After their departure, the remaining band members decided to cut back the number of performances.  

In 2019, the band released their sixth studio album, “No Shame”. It was preceded by a couple of singles, including “Greater than All My Regrets”, which was inspired by personal struggles Donehey had been facing. Mike admitted that one of his biggest regrets in life was leaving it so late to take on fewer shows, as he had missed so many important family events such as birthdays and recitals. He had been concerned about the financial loss and lost sight of what was truly important. However, God was able to comfort him by explaining that He was greater than any regret Donehey could have, and Mike was able to forgive himself.  

"I don't think God is impressed with my resumé, He's calling for my heart, not my career." - Mike Donehey. 

Relationship with God

The band members of Tenth Avenue North saw God as a consistent guide and friend throughout life. In terms of their careers, the band felt very thankful that He had given them the opportunity to become Christian musicians. The band also felt like one of the struggles they (and many other Christians) faced with God is trying to figure out God’s path for them. In an interview, Donehey explained that for him, God wasn’t fussed on the particulars of what a person’s job is, so long as they weren’t manipulating others and were serving and blessing them instead. He also explained he was able to find inner satisfaction by developing a deeper relationship with God. The rest of the band shared these views of God.

Tenth Avenue North, Contemporary Christian Musicians, performing live at The Farewell Shows tour

Image Courtesy of: Tenth Avenue Instagram

Most Recent (and Final) Release

By 2020, the band’s members wanted to focus more on their families and follow their dreams of other career paths. The Covid-19 pandemic canceled the band’s “Finally Living Tour” that had been announced at the start of the year and the band members figured it was the right time for them to part ways.  The band’s final release was an album called “Unplugged for the People” in 2020, which was a collection of the acoustic versions of some of their greatest hits.

In 2021 Donehey, Owen, Juarez, Shirley, and Jamison reunited for two final shows before officially disbanding after 21 years in the Christian music industry. Donehey pursued a solo career. Owen started a career as a producer. Juarez went into real estate. Shirley went into business with his wife. Jamison continued working with the charity, Compassion International, which the band had previously partnered with.

Over and Underneath Album by Tenth Avenue North, Christian Rock Band

Over and Underneath

Contemporary Christian Musicians, Tenth Avenue North's Album The Light Meets The Dark

The Light Meets The Dark

Pop Christian Musicians, Tenth Avenue - Album The Struggle

The Struggle

I Have This Hope by Tenth Avenue North, Contemporary Christian Musicians

I Have This Hope

Contemporary Christian Musicians, Tenth Avenue North, performing in their farewell tour

By Your Side

Tenth Avenue North, Contemporary Christian Musicians

Hold My Heart

You Are More Album by Tenth Avenue North, Contemporary Christian Musicians

You Are More

Greater Than All My Regrets Album by Tenth Avenue North, Christian Rock Musicians

Greater Than All My Regrets

Christian Pop Rock Musicians, Tenth Avenue North Album Love Is Here

Love Is Here

Strong Enough to Save Album by Tenth Avenue North, Christian Rock Musicians

Strong Enough to Save

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