Matt Redman


Matt Redman, Contemporary Christian Musician, at Capitol Records Tower

Jesus Your Name

Quick facts about Matt Redman


Matthew James Redman is a Christian worship leader, singer, songwriter, and author from England. He has also started three church-plants.




2 Grammy Awards and 3 other Grammy nominations, 10 GMA Dove Awards, 1 Cranmer Award for Worship


Worship, contemporary Christian music, pop


Watford, England


14 studio albums, 4 live albums, 2 compilation albums, 16 singles

Matt Redmann's Career as a Christian Musician

Matt Redman learned how to play the guitar at the age of 10 after he had converted to Christianity and started attending his local Anglican church. Around 10 years later, Matt recorded and released his debut album, “Wake Up My Soul” in 1994. He continued to release several new albums over the following years, including “Passion for Your Name” (1995), “The Friendship and the Fear'”(1997), “Intimacy” (1998), “The Heart of Worship” (1999), “The Father’s Song” (2000), and “Where Angels Fear to Tread” (2002).  

In 2005, Matt and his wife, Beth, co-wrote their first hit songs, “Blessed Be Your Name”, which won a GMA Dove Award, and “Our God”, which was nominated for a Grammy Award. These songs, among others Matt has co-written with Beth, have gone on to become some of his most successful releases to date. They were a large part of the reason Redman has become the well-known Christian singer he is today.  

Matt’s next studio albums including, 2006’s “Beautiful News” and 2009’s “We Shall Not Be Shaken” both charted well on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, making it onto the Billboard Top 200. It was the release in 2013 of “10,000 Reasons” that truly solidified Redman’s place as a top Christian artist. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Top Christian Album’s chart, No. 60 on Billboard’s Top 200, and it was also received an RIAA: Gold certification.

Redman’s following albums including “Unbroken Praise: At Abbey Road Studios” (2015), “These Christmas Lights” (2016), and “Glory Song” (2017) continued his success, charting well on both the Top Christian Album’s chart and Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

Matt Redman on 10,000 Reasons

Matt Redman’s 2013 release of the song “10,000 Reasons” is arguably one of his most successful and well-known songs to date. He wrote the song with his good friend Jonas Myrin and based the lyrics on the opening of Psalm 103. It came together in about an hour, and Matt has said that it was one of the quickest songs he’s ever written. For Redman, it felt as though the song connected immediately and flowed effortlessly out of them. He described how he felt like God was working through this song because not long after its release, the song was known in Christian communities across the globe.  

The song speaks about the many reasons people have for loving and trusting in God. Matt explains that the key phrase of the song, “bless the Lord,” is one of his favorites. Instead of the way God ‘blesses’ us and enriches our lives in doing so, Redman believes our ‘blessing’ of God is a deeper and more meaningful way to express our thanks and praises of him.  

"God is worthy of eternal song - so we'll never be in danger of writing too many anthems to honor and adore Him" - Matt Redman.

Relationship with God

Matt Redman has an incredibly strong Christian faith and belief in God. He believes that worship music is healing and credits God for his musical talent and for guiding him through difficult times in his life. In an interview, Matt explained that music is the most powerful way for him to talk to God and seek comfort in Him. When Matt leads worship, he loves to see how other people connect to each other, and with God, through the worship music. As a Christian singer, Matt believes that, during worship, the singers not only sing about God but also directly to Him. Matt explains that the best way for people to truly connect with God, as he has, is for them to open their hearts and allow themselves to be vulnerable. By taking the time to listen and be patient, people might realize what God has to tell them. Matt’s strong relationship with God can also be seen in his work in the Christian church. He has led worship services for several years over the course of his music career, including about 8 years at the Soul Survivor Church in Watford, England, as well as a stint at a church in West Sussex.

Matt Redman, Worship Christian Musician, performing Crown Him With Many Crowns

Most Recent Releases

Matt Redman’s most recent work is his 2020 release of “Let There Be Wonder (Live)”. This 12 song album is his first under the Integrity Music label, which he signed to in 2019. Matt was able to work with several other songwriters and friends of his while making the album such as Joel Houston (from Hillsong), Phil Wickham, and Corey Voss, among many others. The format of a live album allowed the best of his musical ability to shine through and highlighted his energy and passion for what he is singing about.  

The main theme of the album is Jesus. Matt explains that he wanted to focus on the life, the story, the name, and the character of Jesus. He felt that it was important that instead of continuing to sing generically about God, he would actually sing Jesus’ name. He hopes that the album is able to convey God’s glory as fully as it possibly can and help connect people with Him.

10000 Reasons album by Matt Redman, Worship Christian Musician

10,000 Reasons

Let There Be Wonder album by Matt Redman, Contemporary Christian Musician

Let There Be Wonder

Unbroken Praise album by Matt Redman, Contemporary Christian Musician

Unbroken Praise

Blessed Be Your Name song by Matt Redman, Contemporary Christian Musician

Blessed Be Your Name

10,000 Reasons song by Matt Redman, Worship and Contemporary Christian Musician

10,000 Reasons

Jesus Your Name song by Matt Redman, Contemporary Christian Musician

Jesus Your Name

All Praise song by Matt Redman, Worship Christian Musician

All Praise

We Praise You song by Matt Redman, Pop Christian Musician

We Praise You

It Is Well With My Soul song by Matt Redman, Worship Christian Musician

It Is Well With My Soul

The Heart Of Worship song by Matt Redman, Pop Christian Musician

The Heart Of Worship

Gracefully Broken song by Matt Redman, Worship Christian Musician

Gracefully Broken

Never Once song by Matt Redman, Pop Christian Musician

Never Once

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