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Basics of Life

Quick facts about 4him


4Him was a contemporary Christian vocal group that has won numerous prestigious awards. It consisted of four members who originally sang as vocalists for the group TRUTH, a traveling Christian singing group. This group was born when the Benson label recognized the talent of lead singers Andy Chrisman, Marty Magehee, Mark Harris and Kirk Sullivan.


1990 - 2006


8 GMA Dove Awards, 1 Grammy nomination, 3 RIAA: Gold certifications, 3 Christian Research Report awards, 1 CBA Impact Award, 1 CCM Magazine award, 1 American Songwriter award, and 1 CCM Readers' Poll award. Inducted to the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2021


Contemporary Christian


Mobile, Alabama, US


10 studio albums, 4 compilation albums, 1 Christmas album, 13 other album appearances

How 4 Men Became One Group Known As “4Him”

The members of 4Him first met each other when touring as vocalists for the groundbreaking contemporary Christian vocal group TRUTH, which stands for “Trust, Receive, Unchangeable, True Happiness” in the following of Jesus. TRUTH, formed in the early 1970s, introduced traveling contemporary gospel music to churches throughout the country. The quartet, consisting of singers Andy Chrisman, Marty Magehee, Mark Harris, and Kirk Sullivan, were recruited by the same record company that had worked with TRUTH, the Benson label, who admired the vocalist’s fresh talent. Their first experimental song, “Where There Is Faith” became a number-one hit within a week of its release. Their first album 4Him, would follow in the footsteps of TRUTH but with a bold new sound.

4Him Seeks Their Own Truth With First Debut Album 4Him

The quartet debuted with their inspirational self-titled first album, 4Him, which contained their first hit single, “Where There Is Faith”. The album introduced 4Him as a brand-new voice in contemporary Christian music. Their popularity increased over the next few years, releasing four new albums that solidified their status as genuine stars. Their musicianship was best displayed with the release of the album The Message in 1996, which began to transform the way they performed.

The Enduring "Message" of 4Him

Over the course of 17 years, this groups’ lyrics always celebrated their love and faith in Jesus. Their commitment and devotion to the traditional Gospel belief are delivered through a fresh hip contemporary pop/rock sound. The gospel music association has acknowledged and championed this band as a significant contributor to gospel music that honors the tradition of  Christian beliefs whilst blending these concepts with contemporary art.

The creation of their album The Message further embodied the group’s honoring of Christian beliefs and inspired listeners and devoted followers everywhere. Like all of their albums, The Message combined tradition with modernism, reinvigorating a new generation of Christian followers and lovers of music. The album was extremely well received and earnt a nomination for a Grammy Award in 1997.

4Him members talking on stage at their reunion

Image Courtesy of: 4Him Facebook Page

The Alabama Hall of Fame and Other Awards

4Him received wide airplay and positive reviews in the world of Christian radio. Throughout the 1990s, 4Him was celebrated and bestowed with numerous prestigious awards, including their very own state of Alabama’s celebrated Hall of Fame. They also won Dove awards for Group of the Year, Artist of the Year, Inspirational Album and Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year. Their music video for the track “The Ride Comes Alive” was recognized by a Reader’s Poll in  Christian Contemporary Music Magazine as their “favorite long form video”. In 1996 they were awarded the notable Gold label by the prestigious Record Industry Association of America for The Basics of Life album.

An Obvious Shift As One Vocal Group Changes Its Tune

The 1998 release of their album Obvious portrayed a new sound as the singers began to fine tune their own unique vocal techniques and styles. These changes continued until their eventual disbandment in 2006, which saw each of the band members branch out on their own as solo artists.   

4 Solo Singers Are Still Keeping The Faith

All the former members of 4Him have enjoyed individual success within the Christian music genre. However, the band’s legacy lives on with songs like The Word and Sacred Hideaway still bringing hope and joy to millions of supporters, and albums like The Basics of Life and The New Young Messiah living on in

Today, followers are still celebrating and remembering this favorite Christian group on the members’ official Facebook page. You can follow Andy Chrisman by visiting his website or at the Church on the Move where he is a worship pastor in Tulsa, OK. Mark Harris has become a pastor executive in Texas and still releases solo music. Marty Magehee is a musical instructor in Colorado, continuing the legacy of Christian music for future generations to come. In 2019, Kirk Sullivan enjoyed success when he teamed up with popular Alabama singer and pop songwriter Clara Williams on a single, Love to Gain. All four members continue to produce new music more than a decade after they burst onto the scene. These artists and their popular Christian albums continue to encourage future generations in Keeping the Faith. the hearts and minds of both old and new generations.

Banding Together Again: 4Him and Future Generations

In the years after the band separated, 4him surprised the nation by spreading love with several concert reunions. They first re-appeared in 2009 on a family cruise tour, and also held a surprise tour for fans in Louisiana in 2009. In 2015, they marked the 25th celebration of their union with a performance at the First Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. 

Christian music followers still look back fondly on 4Him’s classic albums like Face the Nation, The Ride, and Hymns: A Place of Worship. These albums’ songs are ideal for any devoted Christian music fan to listen to during any season. Their lyrics are a reminder of how we can continue to keep hope and love alive in ourselves and others, and a wholesome celebration of the grace that is received when taking a walk with Jesus and living in the loving arms of God. 


4Him, Contemporary Christian Singers - Best Ones album cover

Best Ones

Image of 4Him members on black background - Face the Nation Album Cover

Face The Nation

Image of 4Him members with roller coaster ride in background - The Ride Album - Real Thing song by 4Him

Real Thing

Image of 4Him members on black background - Face the Nation Album Cover - He Never Changes song by 4Him

He Never Changes

4Him Contemporary Christian Singers images on album cover Basics of Life

Basics of Life

4HIM members with brown background - Couldn't We Stand song by 4Him

Couldn't We Stand

Contemporary Christian singers, 4Him, images in alleyway - Measure of a Man song by 4Him

Measure of a Man

Contemporary Christian singers 4HIM - members with brown background - Where There Is Faith song by 4Him

Where There is Faith

4Him, Contemporary Christian Musicians, sitting on chairs on wooden floor - Before the River Came song by 4Him

Before the River Came

Contemporary Christian singers, 4Him, images in alleyway - The Message song by 4Him

The Message

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